Your participation could help prevent skin irritation
At Coloplast we are continuously developing new products to make life easier for people with a stoma. If leakage and skin irritation is an issue for you, then sign up to participate in the clinical trial of a new product Coloplast has under development to benefit you and others.

During the clinical trial, you will be asked to use a stoma product, already on the market, and a new developed stoma product. You will be asked to participate in the clinical trial for 12 weeks during January – April 2020.

During this period, we will ask you to take part in 3 visits, lasting ½ -1 hour each.

Participation is voluntarily and you can, whenever you want, end your participation with no explanations and no consequences for you. You will be reimbursed your time when participating in the trial.

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in hearing more about the clinical trial being conducted by Coloplast, and are interested in participating. We will then contact you, if the trial is relevant to your situation.

Information about your condition

I hereby give consent to Coloplast to contact me via e-mail and phone regarding participation in relevant trials, and to process the personal health information I provide to determine relevant trials.*
     *For more information about Coloplast’s processing of personal data please see the privacy notice.
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